PPPD-363 – (English subbed) Alluring Emotion “Ai Sayama” So this is a live-action manga adaptation featuring Ai Sayama, in 3 non-related scenes with very distinct flavors.In the first scene, Ai Sayama is an ultra-affectionate and bubbly very lonely married woman that sweetly seduces her younger neighbor.In the second scene, Ai is a strong lady boss that gets besieged by her asshole coworker, who also was her platonic sweetheart from the past.In the third scene, Ai Sayama is a very vulnerable married woman whose husband has just passed away. She feels very broken, and the Brother of the late husband mistakes her kindness with lust, and he steps in to make her feel better.

Thông tin nữ chính:
– Pornstars: Ai Sayama
– Release Date: Apr. 16, 2015
– Runtime: 119min. (HD: 119min.)
– Studio: OPPAI
– Label: OPPAI
– s340-subjav-PPPD-363 [EN]

PPPD-363 Alluring Emotion – Ai Sayama (English subbed)
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