URE-046 – English subbed, First Film Adaptation! Created By Immoral NTR Author Arakure Married Teacher NTR Field Trip Featuring An Original Story That Takes Place Afterward! Sho Nishino. plot is extremely thin, it probably worked best on the manga, but anyway it’s well done. And it sums up very well what’s NTR all about. Something like this:
Student: teacher, I had a crush on you for years. I want to experience having sex with you?
Teacher: There’s no way I can do that, it’s impossible. Here, have a pity handjob.
Student: Ok
Thông tin nữ chính:
– Pornstars: Sho Nishino
– DVD ID: URE-046
– s71-subjav-(English subbed) Married Teacher NTR Field Trip!

[URE-046] Married Teacher NTR Field Trip! (English subbed)
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